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Send money home in minutes for free

Banking Services Provided By Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC.

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Send money home from your MOMENTO account

  • Send money back home with no fees1 directly from our app
  • We will deliver a MOMENTO local Mastercard®2 to your loved ones abroad

Available in Mexico and El Salvador, more countries coming soon

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No Fees

No more hidden bank fees means more money in your pocket

  • No commissions at over 55,000 ATMs3
  • No minimum balance
  • No transfer fees1
  • No monthly fees

Account Features

send Send Money Home for Free1

Available in Mexico and El Salvador, more countries coming soon.

deposit Direct Deposit

Set up your payroll direct deposit4 within the app and receive money into your checking account the same day it is released.

card Debit Card

Add your MOMENTO Mastercard® to your Apple Pay®, Google Pay® or Samsung Pay® for quick and easy access.

atms Free ATM Withdrawals3

Click here to see a map of
in-network ATM locations that you can use, fee-free.

transfer Transfers

Link your other bank accounts to MOMENTO and make transfers easily.

payment Interest-Free
Shopping Credit5

Build up your credit score while you shop for what you need, furniture, products from Apple, Samsung, Best Buy, and more.

suppport Assistance

Need help? Email us at or call us at +1 (646) 760-8040.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MOMENTO?

MOMENTO is a global FinTech company designed specifically for immigrants. With MOMENTO you can keep, spend, and share your money all within one simple app.

MOMENTO is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by Evolve Bank & Trust, member FDIC.

Is MOMENTO for immigrants only?

MOMENTO’s features and benefits are specifically designed for immigrants, however all residents of the United States over 18 can sign up as well. We welcome everyone.

Will it affect my credit score?

No. We do not check your credit to open an account and being an account holder does not help build credit. However, if you set up a direct deposit4 to your MOMENTO account, and use the benefits of our partnership with Perpay5, you can build your credit (no credit check required).

Are there really no fees?

Really, no fees! We don't charge any of the usual fees1 for minimum balance, overdraft, maintenance, ATM withdrawal3 (from 55,000+ Allpoint® ATMs), transfers, service charges, card issues, etc. When you choose MOMENTO as your primary bank account and set up direct deposit4 from your payroll provider, you get even more benefits.

What information do you need to open an account?

When you sign up, we'll ask for your phone number, birthday, residential address, and Social Security Number. If you don't have a Social Security Number, you can provide your Tax Identification Number (TIN).

How long does it take to open an account?

Signing up usually takes less than 5 minutes. It may take longer depending on how quickly we can verify your identity.

Once your account is open, you'll be able to use your MOMENTO Mastercard® for online purchases with your mobile wallet. It will take about a week for the physical card to arrive.

Can I use MOMENTO outside the United States?

Yes! You can use the MOMENTO debit card and app outside the U.S. but the account itself is US-based and you must reside in the United States to open an account.

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