We’re a global fintech company that’s making banking more accessible

Few banking services have the power to link people across the globe. We created MOMENTO to connect you with your family and friends near and far from the convenience of your smartphone - for little to no cost.

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We aspire to build
a better world

We believe that big changes start with fairer banking. No matter where you come from or where you’re going, you deserve reliable financial services that put money back in your pocket. MOMENTO gathers all the tools you need to deposit your paycheck, pay bills, send money to loved ones, and more - all in one free, convenient app.

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MOMENTO saves people money through its free banking app and debit card. By taking fees and minimum balances out of the equation, we’re making banking affordable for everyone, everywhere.


Our Mission

MOMENTO’s mission is to give financial access and independence to immigrants living in the United States, with a free banking + remittance app. Individuals who choose MOMENTO as their primary bank account will benefit from banking services free of hidden and explicit fees. More importantly, sending money to loved ones living abroad will be a seamless, secure, fee-free transaction, directly from the app.

Where we started and
where we’re going

Minorities in the United States pay more than double for basic banking services – maintenance fees, overdrafts, and international money transfers among other. As the COVID-19 pandemic triggered job losses and store closures, migrants saw their local bank branches disappear, and were forced to adapt to online financial applications. In addition, most FinTech companies today are targeting a young and tech-savvy audience with different needs than these minorities.


That is why I created MOMENTO. Designed specifically for immigrants, the MOMENTO app offers free banking solutions to those that need them most, and allows migrants to send money back home to their loved ones instantly, without paying commissions. The MOMENTO team are migrants too, and we will continue to work hard to bring fairer banking practices to our customers.